Spain Photography Tips:  Doorways

Spain Photography Tips: Doorways

Spain travelers will pass through them all day long, but many overlook the great photo opportunities that doorways offer.

Granada door picture

When looking for Spain photo opportunities, think about the many shapes and sizes:

  • historic building entrances with ornate doors
  • old church and hotel doorways
  • doorways of people’s homes
  • restaurant and store doorways
  • police station and public service building doorways
  • commercial office building doorways
  • people and animals standing in doorways

Consider taking pictures around a theme and making a picture collection. Fun can be had taking pictures of church doorways in every town in Spain you visit. Then, when you get home and print out the photos, think about the possibilities for photo collages.

Use your camera to tell a story

What’s behind the door? This Costa del Sol doorway is wrapped in vegetation. Green and white tile line the floor and creep up the wall. Plants hang from the ceiling inside.

Strike a pose

Posing with doorways offers another way to have fun with the camera.

Stand in front of the doorway at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain:

susan in the alhambra

(photo credit: susan in the alhambra by snuuzy on Webshots)

Standing inside:

This doorway is rather small

(Photo credit: This doorway is rather small by marianmonti on Webshots)

Finding a new way to use a doorway:

waiting for the bus (Photo credit: waiting for the bus by crzypenguin16 on Webshots)