From Ronda to Seville - Scenes from a Bus

From Ronda to Seville – Scenes from a Bus

Forget trains! Sometimes the best way to get from one tourist destination to another is by bus.

But what can you see in between the 2 destinations?

Sometimes the sites include small villages and glimpses at local farms, shops and restaurants. This was the case when we took the bus from Ronda, Spain to Seville (Sevilla).

We wound up on a bus that made a few stops in villages along the way. Yes, we might have found a quicker way, but then again, we would have missed the chance to glimpse at a part of the Spain we would not have seen otherwise.

on bus to Seville

At a shop by the bus stop. What’s everybody doing standing around?

farm in Spain

Buses pass by everyday, but this old house is not going anywhere.


peublo blancos spain

Other times on the bus, the view is down some street in a small Andalucian village. It’s a different way of life from the cities like Madrid and Barcelona.