Reviews of Don Miguel Restuarant in Ronda Spain - Dinner with a view

Reviews of Don Miguel Restuarant in Ronda Spain – Dinner with a view

I’ve passed by Don Miguel Hotel and Restaurant many, many times during visits to Ronda, Spain but have never had the good fortune to eat there.  The restaurant is at the edge of the cliff right next to Puente Nueva “The New Bridge.”  If you spend a few days in Ronda, you’ll likely cross the bridge several times going from the old town to the new.

I admit it, I’ve been one of those tourists that said “hey, there’s a restaurant hanging over the side of the cliff.”   If you go to Ronda, Spain, I’m sure you will too.  You can see the Don Miguel Hotel and Restaurant’s outdoor dining areas on the edge of the gorge in the pictures.



A nice review by Sharon Castellanos highlights the real experience of someone who has eaten there and ordered the suckling pig.  “My suckling pig was the best of all. Very tender and slow roasted with little grease….I’m happy that I ordered a nice endive salad to start because this main course was filling – and only 17 Euro. This is a bargain compared to many other restaurants we came across, especially considering the quality.”

Good to hear.

The Frommer’s review is as vague but at least speak positively on Don Miguel Restaurant in Ronda:  “The food is good, and the waiters are polite and speak some English. There is a pleasant bar for drinks and tapas. Try one of the seafood selections or the house specialty, stewed oxtail.”

The famous bridge of Ronda, Spain - Puente NuevoReviews for Don Miguel are positive on TripAdvisor.  One UK traveler said:  “We opted for the hotel evening meal on three occasions as we did not feel like going out having already walked about 15 miles each of those days and we found a very extensive menu with well cooked and excellently served food.”  Another said: “We had dinner at the excellent restaurant at the hotel which is highly recommended.”

A Swiss traveler raves about the breakfast: “The breakfast is absolute top-notch! First of all, the location is overwhelming! Try to sit on the balcony, with a breathtaking view over the tajo.”

I will point out that one of my fellow Americans said “excellent food but the service is terrible…after they serve food, if you want anything, be prepared to go get it yourself.”  This person must not be used to Spain restaurant service.  The approach is different than in the United States.  You need to get the waitstaff’s attention if you want something.  This is unlike the US where waiters will stop by your table every 5 minutes asking if everything is ok.  It takes getting used to but is common in Spain and other parts of Europe.

Other Americans think highly of Don Miguel restaurant: “The staff was wonderful in the restaurant.”  Another said:  “The restaurant food was very good and breakfast spread included and good (good coffee).” and says of the hotel’s service “very professional”.

I know this place is among the best dining views in Ronda (in a town with many restaurants in plazas with outdoor seating areas).  For me, I’m not a finicky eater.  Just about anything is good as long as it is food.  To hear that is the food at Don Miguel’s is excellent food is even better.

So, next time I’m in Ronda, that’s it, I’m eating at Don Miguel’s restaurant.