Photo Tips:  Cats in Spain

Photo Tips: Cats in Spain

If you are a cat lover, cats can be a fun photography topic while traveling in Spain.  You are sure to spot a few cats in Spain during your travels.

Keep a look-out. Cats can appear in the strangest places in Spain, from historic monuments to parks.

I saw several friendly cats at the Alhambra, a famous ‘castle’ in Granada, Spain.  The cats where hanging out in the gardens and around some of the old buildings.

Here’s 2 friendly cats keeping guard – or are they posing just for me?

cats in spain


Here’s an orange tabby cat who also lives in the Alhambra.

orange tabby


Some of the cats you’ll see are tame housecats and others are feral.  This cat was spotted in a Barcelona park and is probably a feral cat. She’s a calico cat and she’s taking a nap. Several other cats seemed to call the park ‘meow home mew meow’.

calico cat in a Barcelona park