Lanzarote in winter

Lanzarote in winter

Barcas en Arrecife (Photo by jbarcena)

If you’ve ever thought about visiting the Canary Islands, take a look at Lanzarote.  Lanzarote is part of Spain’s Canary Islands located off of the coast of Morocco and is a popular year-round tourist destination that becomes even more popular during the winter.

With temperatures averaging around 17 degrees celsius (63 degrees farenheit) and an average high of 22 degrees celsius ( 72 degrees farenheit) from December to February, Lanzarote is an appealing destination during the winter for those who want to escape from the ice and snow of northern Europe and North America.

Snorkel_Outer Reef_PortDouglas (14) (Photo by Jose Manuel Segovia)

There’s lots to do:  beaches, scuba diving, Timanfaya National Park, dining, museums, aquarium, resorts, and more.  But how do you sort through it all fast and without having to buy a book?  Easy.

lanzarote spain winter

Learning about Lanzarote is easy and free with a nicely done guidebook available online.  It’s a PDF file, so you can download it to your computer and print it out at your convenience or just read it on your computer.

The Lanzarote guidebook comes out regularly and is written by locals who keep the information up-to-date.   You’ll learn about sightseeing, nightlife, guided tours, hotels and dining in the 104-page Lanzarote winter guide.  It even includes maps and event listings.

The winter edition of the Lanzarote guidebook can be downloaded here and provides everything you need to know about visiting Lanzarote during the winter months.