Favorite Spain Food:  Paella Makes Me Drool

Favorite Spain Food: Paella Makes Me Drool

I saw this picture and immediately started to salivate like Pavlov’s dogs drooling at the sound of a dinner bell.

I had never heard of paella until being introduced to it near Malaga in Andalucia during my first trip to Spain. Now paella is a requirement on every trip because getting good paella in the United States is not easy.

When the paella comes in a big pan like this, right off the stove, it is going to be good. Each chef makes paella slightly different, but the result is usually the same. All paella is good!

With a pitcher of sangria on the side, this is the perfect meal.

Paella and sangria in Sevilla - Spain (Photo by Ruth L)

(Photo by Ruth L)

The website Spain Recipes lists recipes for the many variations of paella here including chicken paella, chile and scallop paella, squid paella and a paella variation with clams, serrano ham, and chorizo Sausage. Many restaurants in Spain also serve a few variations of paella.

For further discussions about paella in the United States, see here and here on Chowhound. This thread here discusses some good places to have paella in Spain.