Fashionable donkeys in Mijas!

Fashionable donkeys in Mijas!

The most fashionable donkeys you’ll ever see live in Mijas, Spain.

Mijas Donkeys

Mijas is a small town in the Costa del Sol region of Spain. While Mijas has its share of historic attractions, dining and shopping, the donkeys are what make Mijas different.  Donkeys seem to attract tourists as easily as donkeys attract flies.

The Mijas donkeys aren’t your run-of-the-mill average donkeys. The Mijas donkeys have distinguished tastes in donkey clothing.

You’ll see these donkey wearing fine donkey apparel – exquisite vests, headgear and saddles.  You’d think everyday is festival or something.

Some of the Mijas donkeys pull carts. And if the donkeys feel like it, they’ll take you for a ride. If donkey stubbornness sets in, you may get stranded. Treat your donkey right and things will be fine…except for the smell.

And I hope you like stinky donkeys.

Donkey cart in Mijas

If riding in a donkey cart is not in the cards, it may be time to grab the bull by the horns grab the donkey by the saddle and take a donkey for a ride.

Riding a donkey on the streets of Mijas.  What a hoot!

If you and your friends want to go all out and get crazy, you can take it to the next level and have you own donkey parade!

Just grab several fashionable Mijas donkeys, saddle up, and ride those donkeys down the street. Be sure to wave at pedestrians as you pass by.

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My advice, if you are going to Mijas, you’ll probably want to look at the donkeys, but keep the time to a minimum. A lot travelers call the Mijas donkey rides a “tourist trap” because of the price and short length of the rides. Mijas is a small village, small enough to be fun to explore on foot.  And walking on foot is the quickest way to get away from the  donkey smell wafting through the air.

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