Discover Chocolate and Churros in Madrid

Discover Chocolate and Churros in Madrid


If you’re planning your first trip to Madrid, you’ve probably done some research on the variety of flavorful tapas and traditional dishes served at bars and restaurants throughout the city. You have a lot of interesting and delicious cuisine to look forward to trying, and discovering your favorite Spanish specialties is one of the many delights of a visit to Madrid.

Churros con chocolate!! (Photo by Adam Solomon)

As with any local cuisine, it is best to keep an open mind when you go out for a meal or snack in Madrid. Unless you follow a special diet for health reasons or as a lifestyle choice, plan to try some special types of foods and desserts you normally don’t indulge in – especially desserts!


Churros con Chocolate - Chocolateria San Ines - Madrid, Spain (Photo by Ruth L)No trip to Madrid is complete without sampling the city’s famous hot chocolate with churros (ask for “Churros con Chocolate“) combination. If you don’t normally fried dough or chocolate – good for you. You’re in for an extra special treat you’ll truly savor. Dessert aficionados and chocolate lovers can look forward to sampling this snack at cafes, bars, restaurants and chocolaterias throughout Madrid.

Chocolate and churros consists of light, delicious fried batter that resembles links of sausage in shape. They are served with hot, thick chocolate for drinking and dunking. When prepared well, the combination of fresh, light churros and rich, sweet (but not too sweet!) chocolate is extraordinary. This is a snack you’ve truly got to try to appreciate, as no amount of explanation can explain how wonderfully churros and chocolate pair together.

One of the best things about hot chocolate con churros is how flexible a snack it is. Chocolate and churros is a common breakfast for Spaniards, but it is also available throughout the day and into the night, as well. You can enjoy it as a late morning meal, or wrap up your night out in Madrid with this hearty combination. It’s a great snack absolutely any time you’re feeling hungry, especially in the hours before a late night meal.


If you spend any time at all in Madrid, you’ll soon have at least a few favorite tapas and wines and bars where you’ll return to enjoy them. The same is true with chocolaterias, if you take the opportunity to sample this surprisingly simple, yet delicious treat.

You’ll find chocolaterias in many locations throughout Madrid. One of the most famous is San Ginés, located at Pasadizo de San Ginés, 5. San Ginés is a modern, very pretty and very popular chocolateria, and you may need to wait for a table. The churros are very fresh and tasty, and the chocolate is very thick. Visit San Ginés for a late night snack: they are open until 7:00 am.