Animals you'll see at the Barcelona Zoo

Animals you’ll see at the Barcelona Zoo


Barcelona 63 - (Zoo of Barcelona)

The Barcelona Zoo has over 400 species of animals and 7,500 individual animals.  Many of these animals are on the endangered or threatened species list.  Besides a large collection of mammals, the zoo has an aviary, a bird center and a terrarium with 100 species of reptiles and amphibians.  The zoo features regular shows including a bottlenose dolphin show.


Some of the 400 species you can see at the Barcelona Zoo:

Barcelona Zoo_20060311_0085


The dolphin-showDolphins
OstrichOstrich Zoo de Barcelona 021Iguana
Zebra, Barcelona ZooZebras Barcelona 047Rhino
Barcelona 027 - Zoo, Brown BearBrown bear Barcelona Zoo_20060311_0046Meerkat

If the pictures have not convinced you to visit the Barcelona Zoo, consider this:

The Barcelona Zoo relies on tourist dollars to continue functioning.  The small admission cost for visiting Barcelona Zoo helps fund the zoo’s higher purpose in the preservation and conservation of wildlife.   The Barcelona Zoo participates in several conservation and research initiatives to keep animals like the pygmy hippopotamus from going extinct.

And you DO NOT want to say “no” to a hippopotamus!!

Barcelona Zoo_20060311_0126

Barcelona Zoo participates in international conservation programs aimed at breeding and saving species on the verge of extinction.  Some of the animals you may see at the zoo are part of a breeding in captivity program.  These animals include:

  • giant anteaters
  • Gila monsters
  • black vultures
  • pygmy hippopotamus
  • Rothschild’s giraffe
  • Mhorr’s gazelle

Learn more about visiting the Barcelona Zoo on their English wbesite here.