Adopt a Donkey in Spain

Adopt a Donkey in Spain

After the bull, the second most popular animal in Spain has to be the donkey. There are 140,000 of them hee-hawing in Spain. For an off-the-beaten-path experience, check out El Refugio del Burrito donkey sanctuary, where you can adopt and even meet some donkeys who have been rescued from hard times.

El Refugio del Burrito is a donkey sanctuary in Fuente De Piedra, 40 minutes from Málaga, Spain. This donkey rescue center is part of The Donkey Sanctuary, a UK-based charity that works worldwide to improve conditions for donkeys and mules.

You can help the donkeys at El Refugio del Burrito by adopting one. By adopting a donkey, you sponsor their care at El Refugio del Burrito. There are 10 donkeys to chose from and the minimum donation is 10 euro per year. In return, you’ll recieve a picture of your donkey and certificate. You’ll also be updated on their progress. Learn more on their website here.

donkey (Photo by Easternblottream)

Want to personally meet the donkeys? You can for free. El Refugio del Burrito is open daily in October to March from 11am until 6pm and April to September from 11am until 7pm. Directions.  The donkey sanctuary is a reasonable drive from Granada, Ronda and Sevilla too.

Visit the El Refugio del Burrito website.