Two Must See Attractions in Barcelona:  La Sagrada Familia and the Fountain of Motjuic

Two Must See Attractions in Barcelona: La Sagrada Familia and the Fountain of Motjuic

There are so many fabulous attractions to see on a tour of Barcelona, visitors often have a difficult time deciding what to do – and what to leave behind for another visit. No matter what attractions you choose, you aren’t likely to be disappointed if you choose them according to your level of interest. Yet it isn’t always easy to decide what you’ll be interested in if you’ve never been to Barcelona!

Some places in Barcelona are natural attractions for almost everyone, such as Las Ramblas. In other cases, you may need to spend a little bit of time deciding what to do, and what to let go. This may be especially true of museums and architectural sights. In a week’s time, you can’t possibly see everything, plus partake of your daily siesta, take advantage of Barcelona’s vibrant nightlife, and enjoy all the fabulous Catalan tapas you won’t want to miss trying.

One way to relax and truly enjoy your vacation is to focus on just a few must-see attractions. Two must-see attractions that are likely to thrill almost every visitor to Barcelona regardless of their interests are La Sagrada Familia and the Fountain of Montjuic. If you are particularly ambitious, you could visit both of these attractions in one day, as the Magic Fountain is primarily a night-time attraction.

Font Màgica Montjuïc 3 (by jeroen_bennink)

La Sagrada Familia is one of the most intriguing gothic catherdrals you will see anywhere in the world. It is certainly one of the biggest. The temple was begun under the direction of Gaudi in 1882, and construction continues on this enormous catherdral today.

La Sagrada Familia taken from Montjuic (by Son of Groucho)

You can learn as much or as little as you like about La Sagrada Familia on your viist. If you wish to learn all about its fascinating history and the artwork gracing its façade and towers, you can. Or, you can simply be mesmerized by its sheer scale. A trip to the dizzying heights of the High Tower will be an unforgettable experience, regardless of how much or how little you are interested in La Sagrada Familia’s history.

La Sagrada Familia (by Matti Mattila)

The Magic Fountain of Montjuic will astound virtually all visitors, although in a much different way than La Sagrada Familia. This gigantic water fountain is the focus of a nightly show featuring lights, music, color and motion. The entire area surrounding the Magic Fountain is incredibly beautiful, and the show is exciting and entertaining for children as well as adults of all ages. Magic Fountain (by munksynz)