Scenes of Madrid during December

Scenes of Madrid during December

Couldn’t get to Madrid this past December? Here’s a video of what you missed:

Navidad 08 en Madrid by Canon EOS 5D MKII from Mauro Fuentes on Vimeo.

In this video, you’ll see Madrid all dressed up for Navidad while you listen to the accompanying Christmas music (in English).  This video is an enjoyable montage of the common sights of Madrid, the sights a visitor to Madrid during December is likely to see on an average day.  The video shows several street scenes, pedestrian walkways and some of the popular plazas – and makes me wish I was there.  This is the type of travel video I like.

The last half of the video shows Madrid at night with all of the Christmas lights up for Navidad.


Kudos to Mauro Fuentes, who shares with the world his Madrid in December experience.

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