Photo: Quick Lunch at El Corte Ingles in Barcelona

Photo: Quick Lunch at El Corte Ingles in Barcelona

After shopping in the large El Corte Inglés on the Plaça de Catalunya square (one of several of the chain’s store in Barcelona), head to the top floor for both a quick meal and a great view.  From the windows, you can see Plaça de Catalunya square down below.

No habla Spanish?  The restaurant has a tourist-friendly self-service section where you get a tray and load it up with food items.

Another section of the restaurant consists of items ordered off of a menu and is attended by waitstaff.  For that, you’ll should be able to at least attempt to order in Spanish.

Try to get seating near the windows of this El Corte Inglés restaurant. The view is spectacular above the Plaça de Catalunya square.

I grabbed a beef and fries platter. With El Corte Inglés being known as a shopping center, my expectations of the food were not high. Though I try to avoid fries, I had to give this meal a try. Fries are very common in Spain to the dismay of low carb dieters. Sometimes it is required to follow the “when in Spain, do as the Spaniards do” motto.el corte ingles restaurant beef and fries

And a vegetable and fish plate that was very good. It turned out to be good fuel for a long day of walking.

fish salad at el corte ingles restaurant in Barcelona

Below is the ham and fruit plate my counterpart started on before I could take a picture. She also had chicken and fries.

fruit and ham, chicken and fries in barcelona

And the view…let’s save that for another time on Here’s a teaser:

Barcelona El Corte Ingles skyline view