Holiday Homes in Spain

Holiday Homes in Spain

Holiday homes accommodations are very popular worldwide. Spain is a very touristic country due to its climate and coasts, and staying in a villa or apartment rental rather than a hotel is an experience in itself. It is likely to be much more economical, personal and relaxed than a hotel set in the hustle and bustle of the busy town.

Spain/Majorca 2003 (February 08th) Cap des Pinar (by Paraflyer)

Nowadays, many people from England and other European countries have found this as an economical way to stay in Spain for three weeks and not pay a fortune in hotels. With holiday homes accommodations, you have the opportunity to choose for a special kind of house, depending of the type of trip you are going to do. So if you are thinking on a holiday in the beach, south facing beach apartments are waiting for you. A luxury villa with swimming pool and garden is another option for those who prefer a little luxury instead a five star hotel. Definitely holiday lettings in Spain are an excellent choice for saving money while getting a nice house.

Our Dining Room (by roblisameehan)

The good thing with holiday rental homes, is that there exists many different types of houses, and there´s always one that you like and you´ve been dreaming with. It is another way to live in Spain and not feel like a tourist.

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By guest author Mariangeles Claros from, a website offering independent Spanish holidays where you are in charge of your vacation to Spain. Holiday rentals in Spain are different from a hotel because you can have a fully equipped kitchen, private areas like pool, garage etc. Spain holiday homes in Spain can be reservered in an easy and comfortable way.