Cueva del Gato from the Outside

Cueva del Gato from the Outside

Cueva del Gato (Cat Cave) is an underground cave in the Benaojan area west of Ronda in the Andalucia region of southern Spain.  The cave is part of the Sierra de Grazalema mountain range that includes several cave systems.

Only expert spelunkers actually traverse the inside of the cat cave – a risky endeavor requiring expert-level skills.  Visiting both ends of the cave can still be a rewarding experience for the casual traveler looking for Spain’s off-the-beaten-path outdoors destinations.

This short 30 second video shows the results of a short hike in the direction of the Sima de Hundiero entrance of the cave. Along the way is an old deserted homestead, cork trees, lots of plant life and some spectacular views of surrounding mountains and the valley below. A longer hike down the side of the mountain goes to this entrance of the cave.


This sign shows the two entrances of the cave and how the river flows under the cave and out to the other end.

cueva del gato map

At the other entrance is the cat cave (cueva del gato). Here lies a small waterfall and a beautiful, clear lagoon where locals sometimes swim. Above the waterfall sits the cave where the river water escapes. This cave entrance resembles the face of a cat – hence the “Cat Cave” (Cueva del Gato) name. After taking a short walk to this cave entrance and lagoon, take a break at the Cueva del Gato restaurant and grab some tapas and a drink.

Cueva del Gato - cat cave

Though going alone in the cave is for pro spelunkers only, guided tours can be had for those wanting a closer look.