4 Spanish Menus Gone Awry

4 Spanish Menus Gone Awry

When menus get translated into English for the tourists, sometimes things don’t go well.

These 4 menus prove it.

fried what?, originally uploaded by John and Christina.

What are “fried kids”? Hansel and Gretel watch out!


“Catalan Suquet with two savages fishes -depends market- cooked at chefs stile” sounds appetizing. I think I’ll go for the “Turbot candied in citronella oil with it air…” but I’ll ask them to hold the air.

spanish chinese menu, originally uploaded by scaredy_kat.

When translating from Chinese to Spanish to English, things really get messy. I cannot figure out the “Fish of rooster to the steam”.

Letters of Plates, originally uploaded by dan taylor.

Here I’m either going to try the “Beans undergrowth with ham of pig” or the “Jumbled of mushrooms”. The “Piece de Pan” sounds great too. They make it so hard to decide!

These menus are why I also carry a pocksized Spanish dictionary with me.