11 Neat Rooftop Views in Spain

11 Neat Rooftop Views in Spain

One of the best ways to experience the uniqueness of Spain is to get above the roof-line and look at the rooftops. The pictures in this article will prove this to be true.

Many cities in Spain offer some sort of way to see above the rooftops. This could be from inside a church tower, a hilltop castle or park and from a hotel room balcony. Wherever the location, the Spanish rooftop views can be amazing.

This collection of photos shows many of Spain’s greatest rooftop views.

Salamanca, Spain

Spain Salamanca University



Seville, Spain

seville from the tower at the cathedral


Toledo, Spain

View of the rooftops in Toledo


Granada, Spain

rooftops of Granada


Segovia, Spain

Rooftops of Segovia--lots of red


Santiago de Compostela, Spain

36 Santiago rooftops & Cathedral (view from Museo roof), Wed 12th July (Dan)


Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Rooftop


Penarroya de Tastavins, Spain

Pena-roja de Tastavins (Pe?arroya de Tastavins)


Cadiz, Spain

Rooftop Gardens


Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Rooftops


Malaga, Spain

Malaga, Spain on the Mediterranean Sea

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